Pet details

Name Stefan Location Angus, Fife and Tayside
Age 7 months Sex Male
Breed Lop (cross) Colour Harlequin, White
Living with other rabbits I may be able to live with other rabbits Living with children I may be able to live with older children

Stefan, a charming fellow, is currently on the lookout for his forever home.

Confident yet grounded, Stefan, like most rabbits, prefers to keep all four paws firmly on the ground. He takes pleasure in munching on his veggies and hay, so any prospective owner needs to ensure he continues to enjoy plenty of hay for his health and dental well-being.

To ensure Stefan's happiness, he would benefit from a home where he can be bonded with a suitable rabbit companion, preferably a neutered female, offering him a friend to share his space with.

For his living space, Stefan needs a roomy enclosure, ideally measuring 3m x 2m x 1m or larger, whether indoors or outdoors. Coupled with free roam time, this setup would provide ample space and opportunity for him to run, explore, and engage in natural behaviors. Enrichment activities are vital to keep Stefan entertained and allow him to express his natural instincts.

While Stefan could live with children, it's important to note that rabbits can easily become scared or stressed. Therefore, he would be best suited to a home with children who are accustomed to being around rabbits and understand when to give him the space he needs.

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7 months
Lop (cross)
Angus, Fife and Tayside