Glasgow animal rescue and rehoming centre

Our animal rescue and rehoming centre in Glasgow has served the city of Glasgow for decades and has the capability to offer refuge to an array of animals. It has:

  • Over 100 kennels for dogs
  • A cattery for cats and kittens
  • 12 spaces for ferrets
  • An exotics room
  • Indoor and outdoor runs for 10 rabbits
  • A room which can accommodate a variety of birds
  • A pioneering sensory garden to provide a safe haven and stimulation for dogs
  • A wildlife shed to hold wild animals in need of treatment until they can be transported to the National Wildlife Rescue Centre.

Rehome from our Glasgow centre

Got space for an extra family member in your home? Vue the animals at our Glasgow centre looking for their forever family here and find your perfect pet.

How you can help our centre

Our centres will always welcome any generous donations of food, treats, or other items to help us care for animals.

You can view what our Glasgow centre most urgently needs on the centre’s Amazon Wishlist.

If you’re interested in volunteering at the centre, you can check out our latest vacancies.