Our animal helpline takes an average of more than 540 calls per day.

Answering over 200,000 requests for assistance per year, the selfless team in our animal helpline are on hand to take initial reports of animal neglect and to offer sound advice to people with concerns about domestic, farm or wild animals.

As well as assigning jobs for our inspectors and animal rescue officers to attend, the animal helpline team provide reliable advice to tens of thousands of people every year.

Whether you’re fretting about foxes, concerned about cats or worried about water voles, our team are equipped to offer you support to ensure the welfare of an animal until we can assist further.


Operating Hours

Our helpline is open from 8am to 8pm, every day of the year.

Animals need help every single day – and our animal helpline team are on-hand to answer the call.


Did you know our animal helpline is completely confidential?

If you are reporting a cruelty or mistreatment issue and are worried about being identified – don’t be. Our team can treat the information you provide with absolute confidence.

If it is injured wildlife or serious concerns about the way an individual is treating an animal, our animal helpline should be your first port of call.