Animal care team

Our dedicated care team

Giving animals a second chance is in our DNA. Across our nine animal rescue and rehoming centres and National Wildlife Rescue Centre, our dedicated animal care teams go above and beyond to care for and rehabilitate injured, abused or neglected animals. 

More than a job

There’s no such thing as 9-5 for us. Often, baby animals arrive in our centres and require round-the-clock attention in those vital first few weeks. Whether it’s puppies, kittens or even orphaned wildlife, we step up to play parent and hand-rear dozens of animals every year. 

Through our efforts to investigate cruelty, animals sometimes end up in our care due to mistreatment. When this happens, we work hard to re-establish trust with these poorly treated pets and remind them how much love and attention they deserve. This is a vital part of our work, and in the most extreme instances we work with animals for years to get them to a point where they can be rehomed. 

Keeping animals wild at heart

When it comes to wildlife, the rehabilitation process can take weeks or even months – and around 10,000 animals arrive at the centre each year. From otters to owls, we are willing to do whatever it takes if we believe the animal has a decent chance of survival back in the wild. We’re leading the way in wildlife care and staff at the centre have perfected the art of providing essential treatment whilst minimising human contact.