What to consider before you rehome a ferret

Ferrets are fantastic furry companions. Their popularity as pets has really grown over the past few years. They are clever, curious and like to explore every nook and cranny in their environment. Their inquisitive nature means lots of stimulation is key to them leading long, happy lives. On average, a ferret lives for around ten years. 

Are you able to rehome a ferret?

Before you commit to rehoming, make sure you are in position to take on the commitment and give you prospective new pal all the love, care and attention they need. Think about how much free time you have – ferrets like company, whether human or their own kind, so a well-socialised ferret is a happy ferret. If you plan to rehome one and won’t be around for most of the day, a ferret probably isn’t right for you. 

Or, you could always consider adopting more than one ferret. They typically get on really well with fellow ferrets. 

As well as time, consider whether you can afford to rehome a ferret. You’ll need to think about things like accommodation, providing a regular supply of food, toys and treats for fun, as well as veterinary costs. 

If you are able to adopt a ferret, then great! Now it’s time to think about what you’ll need to provide your new companion with to keep them healthy and happy. First things first – a home. Ferrets can’t just be left in a cage. They need space to run around and play, and they like to get plenty of exercise in. 

Find out more about ferrets’ dietary needs here. If you are interested in rehoming a ferret from the Scottish SPCA, check out who needs a furr-ever home.