Animal Rescue Officers

Our dedicated animal rescue officers

Our animal rescue officers are Scotland’s very own emergency service for animals in dire need of urgent help. With a presence across the country, our animal rescue officers are able to adapt to all manner of usual and unusual rescues and save thousands of injured animals every single year.

From dramatic incidents such as rescuing trapped animals to more typical jobs, there’s no challenge to daunting for us when it comes to getting an animal to safety. Whether pets, wildlife or farm animals, we are the first responders for animals in danger in Scotland. 

What happens to animals we rescue?

No two rescues are the same, and we’ll always do our best to make sure it’s a happy ending for a rescued animal. If we rescue a domestic or farm animal, we’ll do our best to return it to the owner. If that’s not possible, the animal will get plenty of love and attention from our animal care teams until we are able to find it a suitable new home. 

If we rescue wildlife which has no obvious injuries, we’ll release it quickly. If we can tell it needs some medical treatment, we’ll whisk it off to our National Wildlife Rescue Centre at Fishcross where it will be fully vet-checked and receive first-class care. If all goes well, it will eventually be released in to the wild. 

We’re fiercely proud of our policy to never put a healthy animal to sleep. Sadly, not every animal we are sent to rescue is able to survive despite our best efforts. If an animal is too far gone, we’ll relieve its suffering.