Did you know we care for almost 20,000 animals per year?

This means we work with vets every single day. The Scottish SPCA has a proud history of working alongside vets to provide urgent treatment to animals and to carry out procedures such as neutering.

Over the past 25 years, we’ve created and grown our own team of dedicated vets. With on-site clinics at our centres in Dunbartonshire, Glasgow and Lanarkshire, we are able to provide first-class veterinary care to all sorts of domestic animals we’re looking after.

Expert veterinary care

The National Wildlife Rescue Centre, which sees almost 10,000 animals pass through the door each year, also has an expert veterinary team capable of treating a massive array of wild animals.

As well as providing ongoing treatment for animals we rescue until they are fit to rehome or release, our veterinary team has to be adaptable to deal with sudden emergencies or jobs. Depending on what our animal rescue officers or inspectors come across day-to-day, they may have to react quickly to save an animal. On the wildlife side, our vets may have to carry out an operation on an injured bird of prey or treat a poor mammal caught in a snare or injured by litter.

On the domestic side, it could be that our SIU team has picked up dogs from a puppy farm in desperate need of assistance or an inspector has come across a house where animals have been hoarded and need urgent care.

Supporting vital animal welfare research

As well as the day job, our veterinary team link in with our education experts to pioneer research to improve animal welfare in Scotland and around the world.