Our partners and supporters

The Scottish SPCA often helps more people than animals each year and through campaigns such as First Strike and Say No To Puppy Dealers we strive to make a real impact on both animal and human health and welfare. 

We work closely with academics from the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling to ensure that we do the best we can when it comes to enriching the lives of animals in our care, that we can truly change attitudes and increase knowledge on animal welfare through our preventative work and address positive ways to intervene and support when that human-animal relationship fails. 

We then put this research into practice through our frontline operations and also when it comes to proposed changes in legislation through ongoing engagement with MSPs, MPs, Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament.

We are fortunate to work with so many partners from different agencies (Police Scotland, SFRS, Scottish Ambulance Service, Trading Standards Scotland, Local Authorities and HMRC) through to corporate. By working closely with other like minded organisations (animal welfare charities, Barnardos Scotland, Children in Scotland, Education Scotland). We strive to support every person and animal in every community and this is why we cherish our community partnerships.

As we continue to embrace the One Health One Welfare framwork now more than ever we need to work together, share our expertise, support every generation and make a difference. This is what Animal WISE is all about. If you are interested in partnership work with us please do get in touch education@scottishspca.org