Spud and Bertie

Pet details

Name Spud and Bertie Location Aberdeenshire
Age 9-10 weeks Sex Male
Breed Crossbreed Colour Agouti
Living with other rabbits I'd prefer not to live with other rabbits Living with children I could potentially live with children of any age

Meet Spud and Bertie, an adventurous duo of young male rabbits eagerly searching for their forever home!

These curious little buns love exploring, nibbling on fresh hay, and snuggling up for a cosy nap together.

Spud and Bertie may initially be a bit cautious when handled, preferring to keep their furry feet on the ground. However, with patience and gentle care, they have quickly warmed up to the staff at our centre, showing their lively personalities and affection.

As Spud and Bertie are still in their youth and have the potential to grow larger, they will require ample room for exercise, a minimum of 3m x 2m x 1m, with plenty of opportunities to hop and play. Paired with opportunities for free-roaming, this setup provides Spud and Bertie with suitable space to explore, hop around, and engage in their natural rabbit behaviours.

Enrichment activities are essential to keep Spud and Bertie entertained and mentally stimulated throughout the day. If they are introduced to the outdoors, their new family must ensure a gradual acclimation process during colder seasons as they are not used to being outside.

Spud and Bertie could potentially share their home with children who are experienced in handling rabbits, under the supervision of adults.

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Spud and Bertie

Spud and Bertie

9-10 weeks