Say No To Puppy Dealers


Would you know if you purchased a dog from a puppy farm? Sadly, many people don’t as horrible dealers dupe the public by posing as responsible breeders. That’s why we launched a campaign to get the people of Scotland to #SayNoToPuppyDealers. 

What is puppy farming?

Illegal puppy farming is big business across the UK and is estimated to be worth £13m in Scotland alone. Puppies are treated like a commodity, bred in huge numbers with no regard for their welfare. The conditions they are born in leads to serious medical and behavioural issues and, in many instances, death at just a few weeks old. 

The main driver behind the demand for puppies is the general public. The Scottish SPCA does what it can, but our only chance of stopping the supply is for demand to dry up. Our special investigations unit investigated hundreds of reports of puppy farms last year. They have successfully raided and prosecuted puppy farms and individuals involved in the greed-driven trade. 

They now spearhead Operation Delphin, a UK-wide, multi-agency taskforce with the goal of bringing heartless traders to justice. 

Members of the group include the Scottish SPCA, RSPCA, DSPCA, ISPCA, USPCA, Dumfries & Galloway Council, HMRC, Stenaline and Police Scotland. The group has had success in identifying puppy farms and catching dealers moving pups around – but we need your support.

How can you help?

Visit our dedicated #SayNoToPuppyDealers website and join the growing number of people who’ve signed the pledge to avoid buying from puppy farmers. Spread the word and ask your family and friends to sign it too.

If you are going to buy a puppy, do your research and buy from a responsible breeder. Don’t buy online or from someone where it’s impossible to verify where the dog is actually coming from. Follow our top tips for finding the right dog for you. 

If you have any information about puppy farming or concerns about a dog you’ve purchased, call our animal helpline in confidence in 03000 999 999. 

Together, we can stop the suffering and bring this barbaric trade to an end.

The Scottish Government also launched their own campaign – Buy a Puppy Safely – in 2018. Visit their website for more info on the puppy trade in Scotland.