Celebrating 180 years of the Scottish SPCA



The Scottish SPCA was set up way back in December 1839. Much of the work we do today is different from our early years, but our core mission has never changed – to build a better world for all animals by encouraging kindness and empathy towards them.

Since we formed on 18 December 1839, we’ve been there to champion animal welfare, to protect them from harm and to highlight how a ‘pawsitive’ relationship between humans and animals’ benefits everyone. We were set-up on the back of one woman’s conviction that animals deserved better. This lady, Martha Gibson, sadly passed away just a few years later in 1844 but her vision has endured to this day.



How are we celebrating turning 180 years old?

How many organisations can say they’ve made it to 180? Not many! That’s why we can’t let the big birthday pass without marking it appropriately. From December 2019 right through 2020, we’ve got a calendar packed with celebrations including fundraising activities and a rake through our archives to fondly remember some of our greatest success stories.

As well as celebrating the past, we want to secure our future. During our anniversary year, we’re looking for as many people as possible to commit to raising £180 through whichever way they see fit. Imagine if we could get 1,000 animal lovers across Scotland to do that. Imagine what we could achieve and the animals we could help.


Get involved

Share your memories of us on social media using the hashtag #SSPCA180 - we'll be doing lots of celebratory stuff throughout 2020. You can also contact us if you are interested in raising funds to help us mark the big 1-8-0.


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