Pet details

Name Erica Location Highlands and Islands
Age 5-8 years Sex Female
Breed Colour Black, Tan
Living with other dogs I may be able to live with other dogs Living with cats I'm not able to live with cats
Living with children I'd prefer to live with adults

Erica is a beautiful Bavarian Mountain Hound who is looking for a quiet new home.

When she first arrived in our care, Erica was very nervous and especially wary about anyone being near her kennel. She has since come on in leaps and bounds and is a lot more confident. Although she is fairly comfortable around most staff, she does have a favourite human and can still sometimes be wary of anyone new.

We believe she may bond strongly with her new family but will be reserved around strangers. As such, she will need an understanding new owner who can help with her when it comes to new experiences and people.

Erica is a quirky girl and is a lot of fun once she becomes comfortable. She does enjoy bursts of zoomies and playing with toys but, in typical hound-style, she is quick to follow her nose and resume sniffing.

She does get on with a lot of the dogs here at the centre and is happy to walk alongside them, however she doesn't enjoy them being in her space too much. Overall she can be quite uninterested in other dogs and much prefers the company of her favourite humans.

She may be able to live with a calm canine friend, pending a successful introduction, although she may prefer to be the only pet to have all the attention for herself.

She will need a patient new owner who can introduce her to more of the world. She would benefit from a home with an enclosed garden where she can enjoy her time sniffing and playing safely.

A potential new owner may need to have a few meetings with Erica here at the centre so will need to keep this in mind if applying from further afield.

Erica loves cuddles and often thinks she is a little lap dog! She will make a wonderful companion for her new owner.

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5-8 years
Highlands and Islands